Deep River Public Library

Using Online Resources


OverDrive lets you borrow a wide variety of youth and adult eBooks and audiobooks with new ones added monthly! Search by genre, release date, age category and more. 
Access OverDrive

On a Computer

You can either use OverDrive in your browser at or in an app. The OverDrive app has the same interface as the website and Libby has a more mobile look. Both apps allow you to download books for offline reading, but you can read in your browser as well.

On a Mobile Device

To read books on your mobile device, you will first need the Libby app for either Apple or Android. The app allows you to download eBooks and audiobooks for offline reading.

Borrow a Book

Sign into the website or your chosen app by searching for “Deep River Public Library.” To access your account, enter 8 digits of your library card beginning with 200

  • On Libby, click “Library” on the bottom menu to find books
  • On the OverDrive app, click the “Ontario Library Service Download Centre” button
  • There are many ways to look for books, but a few are listed below
  • Scroll through the main page to look for featured and reccommended books
  • Use the menu dropdowns to browse by category
  • Use the search bar to look for specific titles or keywords
  • Once you find a book you would like to borrow, click it to see its information
  • If it is available to you right now, click “Borrow”
  • If you would like to reserve it to be notified by email when it becomes available, click “Place a Hold”

Read a book

On the Website

Either right after borrowing the title or by visiting the loans page, you can read the book in your browser by clicking the “Read/Listen now in Browser” button. An eBook reader or audiobook player will open in a new tab.

On Libby

Click the “Shelf” button on the bottom menu, then click loans, to see the books you have checked out. Just click the book you would like to read to open the player.

On the OverDrive App

Download the book from your loans page within the app. Once it has downloaded, you can find it on the main page of the app and open it.  

Navigate a book

No matter which method you use to read a book, the player will work the same way.


  • Turn a page by clicking the edge of it
  • Access the menu by clicking the centre of the book
  • navigate quickly by using the slider on the bottom menu or acessing the table of contents at the top


  • Click the play button to begin listening
  • Use the slider to navigate quickly or click the hamburger menu to access the table of contents or bookmarks
  • Place a bookmark by clicking the picture on the menu
  • Place a sleep timer by dragging down the moon icon until it is at your desired length
  • Speed the book up by dragging down the speedometre in the same way

EBSCO eBooks

EBSCO eBooks lets you access databases of free books to read in your browser, including fiction, nonfiction, referense, and children’s books. Access it through this link.

Find a book

  • Click “eBooks” in the top menu to browse a list of featured titles
  • Use the genre list on the left to filter by topic
  • Use the search bar to look for specific titles or keywords

Read a Book

  1. Click the cover or title of a book to be redirected to its page
  2. To download the book, click the “PDF Full Text” or “EPUB Full Text” button. An EPUB file can be read in an app like OverDrive and a PDF can be read in your browser offline or in a PDF app
  3. To read in your browser, scroll down to the table of contents and choose where you would like to begin reading


EBSCO Host lets you browse ten databases of reference materials including newspapers, books, videos, and more. Access it through this link

How to use

  1. Either search for specific or general terms to browse all databases, or click “Choose Databases” to narrow your search
  2. Click an item to view its information
  3. Scroll down to find sections of the resource to begin reading, or find the audio player for a recorded resource
  4. Download the resource with the options on the left menu
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