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This project will engage with long-time residents to capture  memories about the “early days” of Deep River & Area. It is a fun and  easy way for our seniors and elders to “give back” to this community  by sharing their knowledge / memories about this area and its unique  history!

Here’s how it works: Each week, we will email participants a question  about the “early days” in Deep River & area. Questions are designed to  be fun and trigger memories! Participation is easy: all you have to do  is hit “reply” to our emails and share your memories with us. This  would be a great project for grandkids & grandparents or children &  parents to work on together!

Your reply can be as short as a few sentences, or as long as you like.  If you don’t feel like answering a question, then you can simply  choose not to reply that week. Also, you can unsubscribe from our  emails at any time.

Memories will be compiled into a “living book” of memories that grows  with time. The library will make this “living book” available to  current and future generations to inform our collective understanding  of our area’s early history. Please, help us add YOUR family’s chapter!

Sign up here.

More information: For more info, contact: or  call us at 613-584-4244

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